Elements of BeamPines Group/Team Coaching Model

The BeamPines Group Coaching Model uses a series of interactive sessions to improve a team’s overall ability to lead, perform, and further organizational goals.  This approach also leverages group data and diagnosis to identify relevant workshops and targeted improvement objectives. Depending on a client’s preferences and goals, assessments may be administered before or after the selection of participants. 

Use of Assessments

Passion provides purpose, but data drives decisions. –Andy Dunn, CEO of Bonobos Clothing

Pre-participation assessments can be used in two ways. First, assessments can inform the grouping of participants based on similarities in profiles and areas of opportunities. This allows clients to target shared developmental needs through specific workshops and resources. Secondly, assessments allow clients to identify the similarities in already existing teams and strategize about how the team should best approach company/department given their current development areas and collective talents.

Workshop and Self-Directed Learning Process

The workshop and self-directed element of group coaching occurs in about 4-6 separate sessions. This is where the real learning happens. Through a cycle of group coaching sessions, periods of application and practice, and facilitated peer coaching check-ins, participants turn their new tools and approaches into regular skilled behaviors.

For more details regarding our Group/Team Coaching approach, please contact Lisa Milano, Director of Projects and Infrastructure by clicking here.