Ron Corwin, Ph.D.

Ron Corwin has extensive business experience and professional training, the foundation for his skills in executive coaching. His approach is collaborative, practical and action-oriented.

Ron has hands-on experience mentoring managers across functional roles and across a range of industries. His professional experience includes both consulting and practitioner assignments in leadership skills, organizational analysis and executive effectiveness, team building, communication skills, relationship development, strategic business management and business practices.

Using his experience and professional training, Ron concentrates on improving the effectiveness of the individual within the organization, answering key questions: What are the business and process outcomes the client is seeking? How can the executive manage and implement change? How can the executive improve his/her effectiveness in both specific and general business matters? What information about how an executive functions within his/her business setting will allow for increased effectiveness?

Ron has a proven track record of success in gathering executive performance data quickly and utilizing a variety of analytic tools to provide support and actionable insights for clients. He is skilled in evaluative techniques, including 360 ° interviews and focused assessment instruments to listen, synthesize data and recommend specific actions that directly enhance a clients’ executive effectiveness.

Prior to joining BeamPines, Ron held senior executive positions at Citicorp in the US and Europe, the American Stock Exchange, NatWest Bancorp, and IXnet (a financial services extranet developer). He had full P&L business responsibility for companies ranging in size from thousands of employees to a dozen.

Ron completed his undergraduate education at the University of Wisconsin and earned his Ph.D. in Sociology at the Maxwell School at Syracuse University, where he also received a Master’s Degree in Psychology. Ron has served as faculty at New York University and the State University of New York, teaching in both graduate and undergraduate programs.


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