A message from the Chairman of BeamPines Inc., Jay Santamaria

Dear friends, colleagues, and valued clients,

For the past 37 years, BeamPines, Inc. has had the pleasure of providing professional development and assessment support and services to business leaders in all industries and geographies.

We have been pioneers in talent management over these 4 decades creating solutions, using techniques and technologies that have since become industry standards. From our founders, Howard Pines (retired) and the late Dr. Jerome Beam, to the current management team, where Sharon Malone and I have had the privilege of carrying on and building on the BeamPines service mission, our commitment to humanizing leadership competencies has always been our goal. Humans lead humans….through self-awareness, reflection and commitment to behavioral adjustments. Humans exercise their emotional intelligence to influence the thoughts and actions of others. Thus they lead! Our role has been to help leaders be better at what they do: And we have enjoyed every minute of it.

Now it’s time for a significant life passage and for me personally that means dialing back and focusing on a less demanding path. Therefore, BeamPines, Inc. will be dissolved as a corporate entity as of December 31, 2019. Our phones will be live through 1/31/20 and our email addresses will continue through March 31, 2020. All records and documents will then be archived and kept in these archives for specified periods of time.

This move will allow me, in my twilight years, more freedom and flexibility to pursue the intellectual challenges I love without the burden of running a day to day enterprise and to pursue the personal and family interests that I have postponed for far too long.

My partner, Sharon Malone, will, however, carry on all the excellent traditions of BeamPines and more through her own company, The Malone Group. Sharon will assume the active BeamPine’s Service Agreements and provide the same top-shelf leadership counseling that she offered our clients as President of BeamPines Inc. Our valued consultants and counselors who have served you all under Sharon’s leadership will continue with The Malone group.

Sharon has my full endorsement, support and especially my gratitude for her partnership and friendship over the past 15 years. BeamPines is what it is today in large part due to her dedication and talent. I know that The Malone Group will become synonymous with quality, support and added value just as BeamPines was under her leadership.

So I want to thank everyone, and I mean everyone, for helping me succeed over the past 24 years at the helm of BeamPines. This includes all our consultants, past and present, our incredible support and administrative team and all our friends and clients who allowed us to help and support them in their quest for personal self-actualization. Its been an amazing, and highly rewarding experience.

Sharon can be reached by email, sharon@themalonegrp.com and I know she will continue to delight you with her highly professional approach to service and results.

As for me, my friends and personal clients all know how to find me. Give me a call if you need anything and as always, I will lend an ear and my support to you wherever possible. Going forward I am going to concentrate on one of my oldest and best clients….helping the founders prepare for their own transitions and I am continuing to refit an old 43-foot channel cutter that’s been waiting for me for the past twenty years. I have the notion of giving it to my youngest daughter as she was the one who really took to sailing as she grew up. It was a boat I shared with my father and now I want this legacy to pass on to her. Thus I intend quite literally to sail into the sunset.

Thank you and bless you all. Always try to listen to that little voice in your head….. Stay on the high ground and look within to do the right thing.

With my warm wishes to you all,